Getting Around in Praia da Rocha

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Travel Easily with Convenient Praia da Rocha Transportation

Praia da Rocha transportation comes in three types--the local taxis, the public buses and cars from car rentals. Praia da Rocha in Portugal is one of the best beach destinations for tourists all year round because of its clean sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

Car Rentals

If you plan to visit many places, then getting a car is the cheapest way to do it. You will only be paying a day and you can travel to as many places as you can. Car rentals do have uniform charges, as this will depend upon the amenities included in the car and the type of car. Generally, it ranges from $37 to $60 per day.

Public Buses

Public buses are always available for tourists at cheap prices. The price is usually $14.55 for each way. You can travel conveniently because they are air-conditioned and comfortable. Hotels offer free service buses to their hotel guests to any point in the resort. There are also buses that circulate around the resort for a minimum charge of $2.

Tourist Train

The train is one inexpensive way to travel within the Praia da Rocha, if you want to visit only the most common tourist spots. The cost ranges from $2 to $3.

Local Taxis

The local taxis are the most expensive means of transportation. They usually charge from $60 to $73. If you want some privacy, then a car is less expensive, more convenient and practical.

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