Day Trips in Praia da Rocha

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Praia da Rocha and the Great Alentejo Experience

Praia da Rocha Day Trip
s are journeys involving dazzling landscape and panoramic views that are picture perfect. A trip to Alentejo is a good idea because it is one of the best places in Portugal to enjoy scenic views. You can opt for an unguided tour through the area or travel by cruise boats, which can cost from $15 to $35.

Alentejo Trip

Tourists attest to the fact that spring in Alentejo is like no other. It is this time that a tourists experiences and feel the genuine air and atmosphere of Portugal. From Paria da Rocha, you can travel by car through the mountains of Algrave to Alentejo in more than an hour. The price of this trip is the money you will spend on your car rental. People who love the water can opt for group boat cruises to enjoy waterfront activities.

Things to Enjoy at Alentejo

This is a trip for tourists who want to savor the simple pleasures of the outdoors. The fresh smell of wild flowers that color the landscape is a priceless experience. You can get a glimpse of the Portuguese culture in the view of white-fleeced lambs and the sites around you. You can proceed to Elvas to visit the Gothic Cathedral and Ancient Roman temple. If you want to explore more of Portuguese culture, you can go to Protalegere and Mertola towns. In these towns, you can observe their culture in the design of the houses and the locals' way of life. The Villa Nova Milfontes is a wonderful resort to have an afternoon dip.

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