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The largest County in the Alentejo and Portugal. This is also one of Portugal's best kept secrets in terms of it's beauty (both in the mountains, the damn, streams or by the sea). The quality of it's delicacies, from the cheese, wine, black Alentejo Pig, prociuto, choriços, etc... the quality of it's many traditional crafts, from cork to pottery and basketery, this regiuon is particularly rich. Most of it's wealth in traditions, handcrafts, mysticism, folklore and history is due to the many peoples who have populated the peninsula over the centuries and especially thanks to the Arab invasions and their influence of over the 500 years of occupation, visible in all the architechture, the tastes, flavours, the language, the place names, and the genetic heritage. Other visible inheritances come from roman times in the shape of thermal spas, brigdes and other impressive engineering works. Then there are also the many pre-historic megalithic monuments, the renaissance architecture, etc. All part of a 1000 year old country history, too long to describe in just a few lines and best experienced in loco.


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