Arcos de Valdevez Travel Guide

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Arcos de Valdevez is the terminus of two separate bus routes from Ponte de Lima, both of which offer outstanding river scenery with mountains beyond. One route goes through the splendid little town of Ponte da Barca and the hamlet of Bravães with its idyllic Romanesque church. The other, throught the north side of the river Lima, through the town of Cendufe, native land of the Grand Prix medal winner in 1904 World Fair Expo in St. Louis Missouri, Father Manuel Gomes Himalaya, for his scientific inventions. 

If it’s not too hot, it should be easy enough to walk to Ponte da barca and if it is, the immediate riverside walks are exceedingly good. But Arcos de Valdevez is a niche to great gastronomy and social life. Try some great food at local taberns for a good value.

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