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The town of Albufeira has many events and reasons to celebrate. During the summer months are when the special events and Albufeira festivals are at their height, but there are events spaced out nicely through the remainder of the year. It doesn't matter which month of the year you visit because there is always something happening in Albufeira.


The year kicks off with the first National Day on January 1. Albufeira also hosts The Apple Blossom Road Race and singing festival on the first day of the year.


Every Friday in February the city has a children's carnival parade with the adult versions to follow on the weekends. These may spill into March, depending on which date Easter falls.


As the weather warms so does the celebration of music in the area. The days and times vary from year to year but typically in March there are choir and singing festivals throughout the month.


April 25 is a national day in Portugal known as Freedom Day. Palm Sunday celebrations as well as Easter week also make up a great deal of April's events.


The first day of May is considered Labor Day throughout Europe. In Albufeira there are parades and celebrations honoring the Portuguese workforce. There is also a local soup festival in the middle of May.


The summer season starts to kick off on June 10, Portugal's National Day. Celebrations take place throughout the country honoring their culture and Independence. From June 1 to 7 there is a children's and youths' festival, complete with activities for children and young teens to enjoy.


The exact dates in July will vary but for 9 consecutive days during the month Albufeira hosts a handicrafts fair. Local artists, as well as those from around Portugal and beyond, bring their items to display and sell.


August is by far one of the busiest months of the celebration calendar. On August 14 there is a celebration in honor of Our Lady of Orada on Orada Fisherman's Beach. There is also a series of municipal celebrations on August 20. Throughout the month of August there are celebrations of local folklore as well as a 2-day Sardine Festival.


On September 3 there is the celebration of Sao Vincente, one of the area's most beloved residents. There is also a 2-day Fisherman's Festival on Fisherman's Beach.


Things begin to slow down slightly in October. On October 5 there is Republic Day, celebrated throughout Portugal. October 29 and 30 are set aside for the Feira Franca Fair. You may find a few celebrations of Halloween on the last day of the month but the day isn't as well known as it is in North America.


November begins with the celebration of All Saint's Day. In addition to this, November 1 brings the International Bowlers Championships.


December is again a busy month with the Portugal's Independence Day on December 1. On December 25 there is a Christmas concert performed by the Algarve Orchestra. Finally on December 31, the year ends with a celebration of fireworks and musical shows.


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