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s.jose' castle - lisboa

s.jose' castle - lisboa

gregorio cappuccino

Hi BicycleMark!I guess you were just waking up, weren't you? Have you seen any poecmlien and armed forces around the demo? No? So easily one guesses that it was a set up. I mean it because in Lisboa it is also required to organize a spontaneous peacefull demonstration with the authorities and to follow the police orders On the other hand, if it was one of this weary Lisbon weekends, I would have gone deeper and comment you latest comment saying that: isn't it all a big movie what we are living in this world? Don't we forge roles or rn away from roles prepared for us all the time? .But once I am in Denmark, and not so weary like that ( Need a chance! Need an upgrade! Need a move!) I will read this post and leave this message with a simple smile on my face.Cheers!

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