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Tysfjord in Northen Norway

Tysfjord in Northen Norway

Frode Jenssen

Tysfjord is a municipality and a fjord in Northern Norway, south of Narvik. The large numbers of Orca (killer whales) in the fjord from October to January has made Tysfjord famous, and whale watching is arranged in this periode. However, Tysfjord also offers some of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway; the Stetind mountain (1392 m) is often referred to as God's anvil, and was elected to be Norway's national mountain. The top of the mountain forms a plateau the size of a football field. At Hellemobotn, at the head of the longest fjord branch, there is only 6 km to the Swedish border, and the nature here is wild and beatiful, with very few tourists. A fairly large canyon opens up at Hellemobotn, and the nature offers great hiking opportunities.

Tysfjord can be reached by car from the E6, which requires a car ferry if you travel from the south, but not when coming from the north (Narvik). The nearest airports are Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, and Bodø airport to the south (a 3 hour drive from Tysfjord).

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