Telemark Travel Guide

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Telemark is one of Norway's foremost vacation areas. Its varied and spectacular scenery mixes well with its sense of fun and enjoyment with something to do for all the family. From theme parks to countryside activities, Telemark has something for everyone, whatever the season.

The diversity of the landscape adds excitement to the area. Seaswept rocky shores merge with open farmlands, vast forests and narrow valleys. Steep mountains plunge into bottomless lakes or widen into endless mountain moors rolling onward to the horizon.

The Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal was etched in the mountains for well over 100 years ago, and when the canal was completed in 1892 the rest of Europe called it “the eighth wonder of the world". Five hundred men had worked for five years, blasting their way through the mountains. With a total of 28 lock chambers, the route was cleared from Skien to the ancient Norwegian town of Dalen, a sailing route of 105 km and with an elevation difference of 72 meters.


It all began in Telemark. With woven willow bindings with heel fastenings and skiing with inner turns, Sondre Norheim originated the modern sport of skiing. With his daring skiing competitions, ski jumps and Telemark swings in Morgedal valley, Sondre taught the whole world to ski. Bring your family to Telemark and Hovden and experience a real skiing adventure!


Summer, sun, sea! Roaring waterfalls and silent lakes. Lazy slopes and wild mountains. Blues and folk music. A throng of happy holidaymakers or quiet paths for peace and meditation. The choice is yours! Telemark is a fairytale of opportunities. With its calm and temperate climate, its varying and magnificent scenery, its rich cultural heritage and multitude of exciting activities, Telemark has been a real summer fairytale for large and small, for more than a hundred years.

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