Stjordal Travel Guide

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STJØRDAL is located in central Norway, just north of Trondheim. It is both the name of a city in the county of NORD TRØNDELAG and of a river.

Stjordal is something of a travel hub. The E6 motorway passes through town as does the major railway heading north. The airport of Trondheim is also close by.

Stjordal is a good base for exploring the countryside. The extensive forest and mountain areas hide a rich and exciting animal life. North Trøndelag has two national parks: Gressåmoen in Snåsa and Børgefjell (which is shared with Nordland). The fauna is dominated by elk, but there are also smaller hardy deer such as red deer and roe-deer.

Along with its tributaries the Forra and Sona, Stjordal is one of the best fly-fishing rivers in Norway. Salmon up to 40lbs are caught on occassions.

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