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The Foundation Dakota Norway owns and runs the Dakota C-53 DC 3, LN-WND in Sandefjord

The Foundation Dakota Norway owns and runs the Dakota C-53 DC 3, LN-WND in Sandefjord

Lars Sondre Eriksen

City in Vestfold county, southeastern Norway.

An International Small Town with an Exciting Historical Past  

Sandefjord is a historical town which has become a modern town of culture with a dynamic business life. The history of Sandefjord has been formed by the Viking Age, the shipping industry and whaling in Arctic and Antarctic areas. Sandefjord has a history of pioneer spirit and creativity, daring and bravery.

Today Sandefjord Airport Torp assures good communictions links with the world around us, an asset highly appreciated both by our cititzens and visitors.

The Vikings had their very first settlements in Vestfold. The Gokstad Viking Ship which dates from the year 900 was discovered in Sandefjord. Today one can find a replica of this famous ship down at the harbour. Like the Vikings, the urge to go abroad and explore foreign countries lead the first whalers to the Antarctic Ocean. The history of the whalers can be explored at the Whaling Museum and at the Museum's Wharf with a visit aboard the whale-catcher "Southern Actor.“

The whaling monument located at the end of the city’s main street, Jernbanealléen, is the jewel of the harbour area.

Sandefjord has a good selection of restaurants and cafés. What is possibly Norway’s best gourmet restaurant is located here in a modern building near the harbour. Also located at the harbour is the fishmonger well known for the excellent quality of its goods and delicacies. Sandefjord has a charming city centre, consisting of a mixture of old and modern buildings and a wide selection of shopping possibilities.

Sandefjord is also a well known and frequently visited vacation spot for Norwegans.


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