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Jarle Svennerud

The North Cape (Nordkapp) is the northern most community in Finnmark with 924 square kilometers. About half of the area is located on an island called Magerøya. The community has approximately 4000 inhabitants. The community administration office is located in the village of Honningsvåg.

Honningsvåg has approximately 3000 of the community's inhabitants. The main trade is fishing, shipping and tourism. Honningsvåg is also known for its active culture. Skarsvåg between Honningsvåg and North Cape is the norhernmost fishing village in Norway with about 100 inhabitants.

The community's name, "North Cape" is also the name of the world famous cliff formation located at the northern point of Magerøya. Every summer the North Cape is visited by several hundred thousand tourists. If you are traveling to Honningsvåg by automobile, the new mainland connection (opened June 15, 1999) is the choice for you. The Honningsvåg airport has daily flights operated by Widerøe. Another travel option that we recommend is the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) which arrives in Honningsvåg twice daily. On its way to Kirkenes it stays long enough in Honningsvåg that there is time enough to go by bus to North Cape, stay there for a while, and return back again to the ship. By the way: one of the coastal steamer ships bears the name Nordkapp.

Main Industry

Commerce and industry consist of tourism, fishing, fish processing and service industries. Because of its very central location and good infrastructure, Honningsvåg Harbour is one of the most important harbours in North Norway, and is Norway’s fourth largest cruise harbour.

Midnight sun

In the summer there is no sunset due to the midnight sun. In the horizon the sky is "on fire". A reddish beam of daylight fades away. Then the sun disappears. But the area is also fascinating during winter, with Northern lights, snow-covered mountains and cliffs bathing in the moonlight.

How to travel in North Cape

The North Cape lies in a sub-Arctic environment and is very vulnerable because of this. Marks from cars, campfires and removing stones to build cairns leave lasting traces. Travel by foot provides a great experience of the island, but be careful – there are many vulnerable plants and animals where you walk. You are encouraged to use the marked hiking trails.

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