Mo I Rana Travel Guide

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Mo is a town and the centre of Rana municipality (25,000 inhabitants), Nordland county, thus the name Mo I Rana. The municipality, located just south of the Arctic Circle, is the largest in Norway south of Finnmark, covering almost 4,500 sq km and taking in large areas of the Saltfjellet mountain range. The Saltfjellet-Svartisen National park, with the Svartisen glacier, is partly located in the municipality. This area of Norway is rich in limestone, and there are many caves. There are also many lakes, rivers (some with salmon) and spruce and birch forest in the valleys.

Mo was traditionally the town with the steelwork. Today it is known as the Arctic Circle city.  It is located at the head of Ranfjorden. The road along the west coast, west of Mo, is among the most scenic in Norway.

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