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Summer in Svolvær

Summer in Svolvær

B. K. Hansen

Svolvær is today Lofoten´s regional centre with about 4,120 inhabitants. The Svolvær Goat, is the town´s most characteristic feature, and it represents a challenge to climbers. The peak was reached for the first time in 1910. The Svolvær Goat peak, a characteristic feature of Svolvær, challenges mountaineers to jump from one of its horns to the other. Would you dare to jump?

Svolvær is a natural starting point for expoling the Lofoten Islands. Her you will find serveral hotels, rorbuer (Fisherman's cabin) and seahous camping. Try for example Svinøya rorbuer. Svinøya was the main centre of Svolvær during the 1800 century. In Svolvær you will also find some of the best fish restaurants in Lofoten Islands.

Svolvær have airport, ferry, express boats and daily arrival of Hurtigruten, north and southbound.

From Svolvær there are daily departure to the Trollfjord during the summertime.

From octobre to january several hotels and rorbu cabins are arranging Killer Whale Safari/ Orca Safari. For more info see   

The painter Gunnar Berg from Lofoten and his most famous painting, "The Battle of Trollfjord" can be seen in his own Gallery at Svinøya. In the same gallery you can see the 25 minutes long film about the history of Lofoten.  Among galleries we might mention the North Norwegian Artist Centre with its exhibitions, Galleri Gunnar Berg and Dagfinn Bakke´s Gallery. The Konrad Gallery exhibits the works of amateur painters. Svolvær offers the atmosphere of a harbour, a small town and art simultaneously.

Svolvær is the perfect location to explore the rest of these magical islands. Svolvær can offer several hotels, rorbu cabins, restaurants, shops and activities all year round.

Main office for Destination Lofoten are also located in Svolvær City centre!


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