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Henningsvær, March 2005

Henningsvær, March 2005


Henningsvær is situated at the foot of Mount Vågakaillen, and consists of a group of isles and islets spread out at random in the blue waters of the Vestfjord.

With the mountain at its back and otherwise surrounded by the sea, Henningsvær was a natural hub of activity during the Lofoten Winter Fishery, and in the 1800’s, the island community prospered, and Henningsvær became one of the most prominent fishing villages in Lofoten.

Unlike many other fishing villages, the population of Henningsvær has remained stable in recent years, and there are still over 500 people living there.

The islands were not connected to the rest of Lofoten by bridges until 1983, a fact that probably helped save the community from the contemporary style of architecture with its preference for concrete blocks, that otherwise left its mark on just about all other Norwegian towns and villages in the 60’s and 70’s.

Such a combination of an active, vibrant environment and well-preserved architecture, makes Henningsvær something quite unique.

More information about Henningsvær: http://www.henningsvar.com/


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