Kristiansund Travel Guide

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Kristiansund sits in Møre og Romsdal, a county on the western coast of Norway. The city is built primarily on 3 islands; Nordaland, Gomaland and Kirkeland. The city was founded in 1742 and the islands are accessible by ferry or, as of 1992, by a suspension bridge and an underground tunnel. There are many unique things to see and do in the beautiful scenery of Kristiansund.

What to See

The main unique sites around Kristiansund usually take place on one or numerous islands. There are many old fishing villages on these islands that have been practically untouched by foreign culture, giving a good view into the life of a true fisherman and the Norwegian culture. Grip Lighthouse, on an island just outside of Kristiansund, is the second tallest lighthouse in Norway. Opera has been popular in Kristiansund since 1805 so it is no surprise that their opera boasts unique shows and talent. Ticket prices change depending on the show, so visit their site at for more details.

What to Do

Outdoor activities are extremely popular in Norway, especially in smaller towns and villages like Kristiansund and surrounding towns. Fishing is always a popular activity and it is easy to find someone on a boat in Kristiansund or Grip that will be happy to take you out and show you how they operate. Hiking is also very popular, which you can do by yourself or hire a local to show you around a bit since they are usually knowledgeable on the local nature. Ocean kayaking is a popular sport as well, as is guided fjord hiking. will probably be your best chance of contacting a company or individual.

Where to Stay

Located in the center of town in Hotel Kristiansund. Everything you need is within walking distance including restaurants, bars and tourist sites. This cozy hotel sits right on the harbor as well, with beautiful scenery. Prices start at about $85 per person per night. Comfort Hotel Fosna is a quaint accommodation in Kristiansund and is also water-front. Everything you need is a quick walk away and, if you want to stay in, during the summer they have an outdoor restaurant named Taket serving local and international dishes. Rooms start at around $130 per night. Rica Hotel Kristiansund is a high-quality hotel with water-front location. Wireless internet comes standard, as do all of the modern amenities such as television, minibar and private restroom. Rooms start at around $220 per night and most overlook the harbor.


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