Webcams & 360 degree pics in Hurtigruten

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6 Web-cams onboard the ships
bring you frequently updated images from the different ferries on their way from harbour to harbour, allowing you to get very nice impressions of local scenery and weather conditions.
Polar areas have very special daylight schemes all over the year.
In mid winter season (December in Norway), depending on the position of the ship, you will see the cams only display daylight images from approx. 10.00 am to 3.30 pm. In summertime (June/July), however, the sun will hardly set and you won't be surprised to see lovely scenery images at 3 am.

These services are brought to you in cooperation with the newspaper Bergens Tidende and the national broadcasting channel NRK.
Keep in mind, however, that the cameraservice is automated. Local conditions such as bad weather or polar night may affect the quality.

Please check the Hurtigruten web cams entry below for all details.

Should you wish a more general introduction/overview first, you might find the  Hurtigruten multimedia presentation useful. Please check the url below.

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MS Finnmarken

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On the following ships, mounted web-cams show a couple of spectaculair views of Hurtigruten local scenery and weather conditions.

Please click the url below for the cams to display.
Two buttons above each picture allow you to
* have an enlarged view of the scene
* look up the ship's position on a map

MS Finnmarken
MS Lofoten
MS Vesterålen
MS Narvik
MS Richard With
MS Nordkapp  (on cruise in more..

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