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Whatever else you do or don't, try to go on the 'Tourist Train' that meets the boat in Bodo. It's not expensive and it includes a visit to the modern cathedral, which is otherwise shut. The driver/guide is full of humour.

Shore trips from the boat are a matter for personal decision. The official view can be read on The view presented here is more negative. Broadly speaking the trips fall into two categories.

1. Alternative ways of travelling between two points:- however good these may be, do you really want, having paid a large amount for the voyage, to pay more to miss part of it and do something else?

2. Trips out while the boat is moored at a port:- good as the Ringve Music Museum at Trondheim and the so-called Ice Cathedral at Tromso may be, this is an expensive way of seeing them and you may be able to find something eqally congenial and far cheaper to do. As for a trip from Kirkenes to see the Russian Border, what do you expect to see? In addition to the price it will cost you the chance of seeing the fine Border Museum with an ordinary service bus.

3. The North Cape trip may be most appealing [and there's precious little to appeal at Honnigsvag, if you don't go. However don't forget that the Sami and their reindeer are not there at all seasons. Some say it's a fabulous environment; others that it's a tourist trap. Perhaps it would be inappropriate for someone who has not been to express a view.

 4. The North Cape trip in December is very appealing! The road up to the visitors centre is closed during the winter, a snow plough meets the coach and clears a path.  Makes an unusual expedition.  If it's snowing there's unlikely to be any daylight, so it's like taking a night time excursion - very different and quite extraordinary. Of course there won't be any other tourists there - just your coach, but they open the shop and the cafe and there's a huge widescreen film presentation which is impressive.  Marvellous and very atmospheric.

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