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Geirangerfjord seen from Dalsnibba (1450m)

Geirangerfjord seen from Dalsnibba (1450m)

M. Benjamins

Of course it is common for fjiords to make claim to be the best, the prettiest or what have you. It's almost impossible to compare some but if this doesn't rank among Norway's best sights, it would be fantastic to see places that do!

It's like everybody's dream of a fjord, stretching far inland and requiring a long passage through other fjords from Ålesund to arrive by boat from the sea. It can also be accessed delightfully by bus from Åndalsnes over the Golden Route and the Eagles' Highway.

To see the sights from the water the car ferry is as good as the tourist boats [commentary included] and it's much cheaper.

In, the bottom photo on the site is of a waterfall called 'The Suitor'. It is near what are called the 'Seven Sisters' and the suitor is supposed to have gone away and taken to drink because none of them would marry him - and the proof is that you can see the bottle between his legs!


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