Fredrikstad Travel Guide

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Fredrikstad Vesterelven

Fredrikstad Vesterelven

Fredrikstad is the fifth largest city in Norway and is only a 1.5 hour drive due south from Norway's capital, Oslo. The city itself was founded in 1567 and has since grown with the addition of rural municipalities such as Glemmen (joining Fredrikstad in 1964) and Borge, Onsøy, Kråkerøy and Ralvsøy (joining in 1994). Sarpsborg is a town that sets beside Fredrikstad and is included in the total population of 123,000. Though the main industries for Fredrikstad have varied in the past, their major export now is chemicals.

What to Do

There were only 3 towns in Norway that were fortress towns, and Fredrikstad is not only the most well preserved in Norway, but in all of Scandinavia. Needless to say, the Old Town of Fredrikstad that now houses 350 residents, is one of the top tourist attractions. Today there are cafes and restaurants around the Old Town so you can relax in a part of history with modern amenities.

Fredrikstad Museum was built in 1903 and houses both art and cultural history. However, in 2002, the museum moved to an even older building called the Tøihuset. Entrance for adults is $7, $3 for children.


There are 3 main places where you will find night entertainment. First is the Old Town. Here there are restaurants and Italian cafes. Wine is an important commodity in Norway so plan on this being the main alcohol beverage. The Quaysid Promenade is located on the west bank of the river Glomma. Here there is a thriving nightlife and more to drink than just wine. The City Scene has many of the typical Norwegian restaurants and is a beautiful place to stroll through. Please take note that Norway has a no-tolerance policy with drinking and driving. Even if you have a .01% BAC, you will be taken to jail.

Where to Stay

For budget accommodation, traveling north to Sarpsborg may prove to be cheaper. Vandrerhjem Tuneheimen beds start at $54 per person per night. The common rooms at Vandrerhjem have a large fireplace. There are also TV rooms and a kitchen for guests to use at their leisure. For a mid-range price, try Hotel Fontenen. Rooms are decorated with warm colors so you feel more at home. Prices start at around $130 per ngiht for a single room, but they offer specials seasonally. Radisson Blu Hotel Fredrikstad is a stunning hotel with stunningly modern decor. Breakfast is included for all patrons. Prices start at $163 per night.

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