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Wageningen the place to see

Wageningen is a small but ancient city with Roman architectural remains, some of them dating back to 700 AD.

Wageningen is a very nice city with a population of 33.000 (est 1998). Its city rights were declared by the Duke of Gelderland at 1263 AC. It has played a very important role after WWII, where in "Hotel De Wereld" on 5 May the Germans surrendered and the peace treaty was signed.

Every year on 5 May (Liberation day) there are many things to do. That day war veterans come to Wageningen to parade through the streets of Wageningen, where they are thanked for there participation during the war.

On Liberation day the late H.R.H. Prince Bernhard would come to take the parade. He was one of the members that were there to tell the Germans what was expected from their side.

Wageningen has small museums which allow you to discover the history of Wageningen. You can take a tour around the city where many remains of the war can be found and at what building took place during the entire history of Wageningen.

Wageningen is best known for its University, that is famous for environmental sciences and its health and food sciences. The student atmosphere is noticeable in this small city, where about every person is under 30 years of age. Although there are no nightclubs or discotheques other than at the student societies and 1 or 2 pubs with a place to dance, many pubs are thriving, especially near the market place.

Besides culture there are also some very nice views to be seen in and around Wageningen. For instance, the Botanical Gardens at the top of the "Wageningse Berg" (The Hill). At the Belmonte garden there is a nice outlook over the floodplains of the river Rhine.


Wageningen city Archives are located in the center of the city. On workdays you can visit the old archives of Wageningen and learn about this very interesting place.

If you would like to visit the Archives it is strongly recommended to make an appointment by writing to:

Gemeente Wageningen

to Mr. C.D. Gast (town Archive)

Postbus 1 6700 AA Wageningen

The reading room is open: Mon, Tue and Wed 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00; Thur en Fr only by appointment.

Phone:+31 0317 492631


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