Nightlife and Entertainment in Utrecht

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The Utrecht Nightlife will be a surprising sight for the visitors. The city seems very tranquil and calm during the day, but it transforms itself into an entertainment hub after the sun goes down.


Tivoli is the most famous pub in Utrecht, well known for its live performances. It is located at the heart of Utrecht in the city center. Artist from various genres of music perform here. Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop etc. will keep your feet tapping throughout. DJ's maintain an electrifying atmosphere in Tivoli, when bands are not performing.

Kafe Belgie

Utrecht is a bar lovers paradise. Most of the bars here are low key but serves the best alcohol. Kafe Belgie is the local’s favorite bar. It is the Mecca for those who want to have a good time over some beer and conversation. Head to this bar with your buddies, it is a great place to hang out and the atmosphere and the staff makes it a fun experience. Even if you plan on going alone, you will find yourself chatting away to glory with someone or the other. People are warm and extremely friendly. The credit could go to the famous Belgian beer served at this bar.

Oude Pothuys

Trust Utrecht to give you a world class cafe experience. This city is filled with cafes that have a cozy and warm atmosphere. Oude Pothuys is one such cafe. The atmosphere will put you at ease the moment you step foot in the cafe. With light music playing in the background and the courteous staff, it makes for a great relaxing night out. The food is served in large portions and is a great value for money. Needless to say the beer served is perfectly chilled and will keep you company throughout the night. Famous music artists also perform here.

Mick Connel's Sports Pub

If you are a sports fanatic and need to keep track on the important games then Utrecht is the place to be. Head to the Mick Connel's sports pub. This Irish pub is an apt place to enjoy a game over some good Irish beer and great food.

Chez Be

Discotheques, keep the party scene alive and pumping in Utrecht. The Chez Be is the most happening disco club in Utrecht. Beautiful girls, great beer and above all, music that will keep you grooving throughout the night, the Chez Be has it all.

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