Senior Travel in Netherlands

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Netherlands senior travel has both its good and bad points. The Dutch are very friendly and accommodating people, but the cities are old and their structures not always the most accessible. However, with a little advance planning, the senior citizen can gain plenty from their trip to The Netherlands.

Travel Insurance

Although travel insurance seems to be a hotly debated topic, people of all ages can benefit from what it offers. For the senior citizen it offers added protection. Travel insurance can ensure fast and rapid compensation should something go wrong. It can help sort out problems as extreme as sickness, injury or even death, or as small as a refund because the desired location couldn't accommodate a wheelchair. Before planning your trip look into travel insurance. It is far worth the small, extra cost.

Health Care

The Netherlands operates a national health care scheme that is free to all citizens and legal residents of the country. Elderly travelers should first see their local doctor before leaving. Those that require medication should make sure they have an adequate supply to take with them. In an emergency situation, Dutch hospitals will treat foreign visitors, but they do reserve the right to charge. Make sure your health care provider will cover you while traveling abroad. Keep all receipts so you can reclaim the costs when you return home.


Traditional Dutch food has a reputation for being rather dull. However, there are a few dangers when it comes to eating dairy products. The rules regarding pasteurization are not quite as strict in The Netherlands as they are in North America. While the overwhelming majority of people can eat these products and be fine, elderly people might be at an increased risk for illness.


The Netherlands offers several activities that senior citizens and people of all ages can enjoy. If you're lucky enough to be in the country on the first Sunday of any given month, you'll be pleased to know that most of the museums are free. If you should find yourself in Amsterdam on a Wednesday, you may want to visit the free lunchtime concert at the Concertgebouw. If you're into markets, the city of Rotterdam hosts one of the largest outdoor flea markets in the country, selling everything from rare antiques to food. Rotterdam also holds the windmills at Kinderdijk, an area of 19 old style windmills that have been beautifully preserved.

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