Museums in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam is a paradise for architecture lovers. Visit the NAI (Nederlands Architectuur Instituut) in the Museum Park. They have a broad collection of architecture books and manquetes. Take a look at their website for the latest expositions at

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Historisch Museum Rotterdam

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The Schielandshuis is the Historical Museum of Rotterdam. It has permanent as well as temporary exhibitions about the history of the city. The level of the exhibitions is quite high with many pieces of art, objects from the daily life and a very broad range of themes, very much in the (extremely) open minded spirit of Rotterdam. Amazingly and despite the fact that the house build in 1662 is standing in the middle of the part of the city most heavily bombed in 1940, it is absolutely intact. The museum has also a restaurant inside, partly open on a gorgious little more..

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accessibility:Tram 21, 25, 20, stop Beurs, Metro Beurs
openingHours:Tue-Fri - 10.00 to 17.00; other days 11.00 to 17.00.
address:Korte Hoogstraat 31, 3011GK

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

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maritiem musuem
maritiem musuem
photo by: fvh

Rotterdam is a real maritime town, with one of the worlds biggest harbours and the river Rhine flowing through the heart of the city.

In the Maritiem Museum you will get a very good idea about the maritime life of Rotterdam and in fact the whole of The Netherlands. The museum has also an outside part full of ships and other shipping material.

The museum is situated in the city centre, on the corner of the Blaak and Coolsingel:

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
Leuvehaven 1
3011 EA Rotterdam
Tel. 00-31-10-413 26 80
Fax 00-31-10-413 73 42 more..

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tel:31 10 413 26 80
openingHours:10.00-17.00, su 11.00-17.00. mo closed
address:Leuvehaven 1
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