Shopping in Roermond

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Roermond has quite a nice shopping center. The old city center of Roermond has been voted in the top 3 of best Dutch shopping cities in 2007. The shopping areas of Roermond can be separated in three parts:

Old Town

In the old town you'll find several hundred shops, varying from the most common ones to very specialzed ones. You will also find tourist information in this section, it is located quite close to city hall. There are several black signs that will guide you through the city.

Designer Outlet Center

One of the quite unique advantages of Roermond is the Designer Outlet Center. This is placed right outside the old town, and hosts a few hundred stores where you can buy brands and designer stuff at great discounts. Nevertheless, the designer stuff remains quite expensive... The outlet center is opened 363 days a year (only closes at Christmas and new year's day.)

Industrial Area Ekkersrijt

The third destination is the Industrial Area Ekkersrijt. Here you'll find quite a lot of larger stores, as well as a hypermodern retail center. With it's blue-purple coating and it's towers it looks more like a medieval science fiction castle, but it hosts several electronics stores.

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