Friesland Travel Guide

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Friesland (or Frisia) is the Netherlands northernmost province with a distinct character. The Frisians actually go back a long time and speak their own language, have their own culture and their own names. Male frisian forenames tend to end on an 'e', while family names tend to end on "sma", "stra" or "ga".

Nowadays people come to Friesland for the countryside and the watersports. There are lots of lakes with lots of sailingboats and lots of little houses on the water (usually owned by Germans). While traveling around in Friesland, you'll no doubt see lots of Frisian cows, the normal black and white variety. Fries Stamboek was the first try at scientific cow improvement.

Speed skating is big in Friesland. Skaters are heroes and if you happen to be in Thialf (Heerenveen) during a championship, go there and be amazed by the sheer fanaticism this sport elicits in the public.

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