Family Travel Ideas in Netherlands

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The Netherlands is a very family friendly place in which to travel. With discounts for children and the many activities that exist throughout the country, Netherlands Family Travel ranks among some of the best in the world.

Travel Discounts
The Netherlands offers several good options for family travel discounts. Parents traveling with small children should know that in The Netherlands children under 4 can travel for free on the the railways. There is also a special rail runner fare in place for children aged 4-11. Simply inquire at the ticket office for the information. Most cities in The Netherlands will allow for an accompanying ticket to be purchased on public transport with an adult ticket. The prices will vary from city to city but in general it will amount to children being able to travel round trip, all day for as little as 1 euro.

VW in The Netherlands does not mean a brand of car. It is actually the initials for the Dutch tourist information center. All major cities and a towns will likely have an office. They are excellent sources for information especially for those traveling in the area with their families. Dutch tourist offices don't always hand out information for free like their many counterparts in North America. However, the cost is nominal and the information well worth the price.

The Netherlands are full of family activities that all ages can enjoy. If you really wish to beat the cost of transport why not rents bikes for a day. The Netherlands are full of bike paths that are well designated and separate from traffic. Bike rentals are available nearly everywhere being that it is the number one form of transport in the country. Those that visit in the summer time might wish to take advantage of some of The Netherlands many wonderful beaches. There are beaches to suit almost every type of traveler some specifically tailored to the family. Taking a trip to the town of Zans Schans will surly peak the interests of the children. Wooden shoes and boats are still handcrafted here. The town is also full of the old style Dutch windmills and homes.

It might be best to prepare your children for Dutch food. It is far from bad but does tend to be a bit on the plain side. Meat, fish and vegetables seem to make up most menus in traditional Dutch restaurants. There is however some good news that will likely appeal to any young person. Dutch hot chocolate can rival anywhere in the world. Those that enjoy Asian dishes will also be pleased as the Netherlands have a long history of offering the best dishes from Asia and Indo-china in the world.















Netherlands hotels are vast in what they offer and what they cost. Although the Netherlands is not exactly a budget travelers place there are still some places to find a cheap place to sleep that is clean and safe. Those in the moderate price bracket will have far more choice at their finger tips with guest houses, bed and breakfasts and pensions available to them. For those travelers that desire luxury accommodation The Netherlands can definitely provide it. Nearly all of the major hotel chains operate out of The Netherlands serving the needs of their most loyal customers.

Budget Accommodation
Those traveling through The Netherlands on a budget will have several options available. One of the most obvious is the YHA International Youth Hostels. Membership is required but only takes minutes. YHA operates over 30 hostels throughout the Netherlands offering a safe and clean place to sleep. There are also several independent hostels across The Netherlands all with varying levels of service. Travelers should try to look beyond the price when booking a place in one of these. Some are fantastic while others terrible. Extra care and caution should be taken toward security when using independant hostels in the larger cities, especially Amsterdam. Despite this hostels can provide a place to stay for under 20 euros per night. Cash is generally the only method of payment accepted.

Mid-range Accommodation
Those that can afford the mid range price hotels, guest houses and pensions are going to have a much greater range of choice. Mid-range hotels generally cost between 60-90 euros per night but offer much more in terms of security, comfort and cleanliness. Taking the Best Western in Amsterdam as an example, customers can expect a location central to the city, a multilingual staff, laundry, Internet access and 24 hour front desk. Rooms start at approximately 65 euros per night but do fluctuate depending on availability and time of year. The Best Western Hotel in Amsterdam is just one example of the many wonderful mid-range hotels that are available throughout The Netherlands.

Luxury Accommodation
No one can accuse the Dutch of skimping on luxury. The Netherlands offers a wide range of luxury accommodations for those that are fortunate enough to travel at this level. Rooms can start anywhere from 200 euros per night and continue upward. Taking the Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin as an example, guests have their pick of enormous amenities including spa treatments, fitness centers, gourmet restaurants, tennis courts and a multilingual, pet friendly staff. Rooms start at 300 euros per night but the extra cost is soon outweighed by what you receive. 

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