Eindhoven Travel Guide

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Philips Stadion

Philips Stadion

Patrick Dolmans

As the largest city in the south of the Netherlands, Eindhoven offers a wide spectrum of facilities in the areas of shopping, nightlife and performing arts. Eindhoven has grown spectacular with the expansion of multinational corporation Philips. They started producing light bulbs in a factory that still exists today and now hosts a museum. In recent years the city has also provided the backdrop for sports events like cycling's ProTour time trial. Most popular and famous sporting event still is the football club PSV Eindhoven, known for its successes in the past and contend for the future. You're welcome to enjoy a match in the attractive Philips Stadion. After a match, or just after a day of shopping, you can visit one of the enourmous choice of pubs, bars or discos in the city. For visitors who want to break their journey, there is more than enough choice of hotel accommodation. In brief, Eindhoven is a city where plenty of things are happening.


This Eindhoven travel guide will detail some of the main highlights of visiting this city in the southern part of the Netherlands. This is the main spot for the Dutch industrial design and the local academy has been dubbed the "School of Cool." The city is something quite interesting to behold.

Let there be Light

The city began to develop shortly after the invention of the light bulb. Since this time it has become one of the most important European cities for knowledge, technology and design. There are many high tech companies in Eindhoven which attract students from around the globe. Many of the buildings are quite modern as the Second World War almost completely destroyed the city. Out of the rubble arose new buildings and some are quite unique.

Original and Interesting Museums

There are several important museums in the city. One of the best for modern and contemporary art is Van Abbemuseum. Here you can view art by El Lissitzky, Chagall, Picasso, Kandinsky, Appel, Mondriaan and Theo van Doesburg. The Artificial Light in Art Center has a unique collection of sculptures and paintings with a focus on artificial light. Walk through the historic open-air museum to see how to brew your own beer. Learn how an Iron Age blacksmith worked and see what life was like in the Middle Ages.

Find a Green Space

There are plenty of green spaces in the city and many parks and gardens to explore. This is one of the greenest cities in the country and the main areas include the woods found at Strijp, Stadswandelpark, Grenneper Parks and Dommeldal. The spot for walking and cycling is Gennerper Park. This is quite unique as you will not find such a large green area in a city anywhere else. Enjoy De Tongelroop, a lovely swimming paradise, the ecological farm, miniature golf, environmental educational center, sporting facilities and the ice sports' center to name a few activities and facilities within the park.

The Best Places to Go

Some of the main areas to enjoy during the evenings include De Markt which is in the city center. When the weather is nice you will find all the terraces full. There are many grand cafes as well as the Holland Casino. Just across from the central station is Staionskwartier which is the trendy dance bar area. If you want to go pub crawling then head to Stratumseind as there are more bars on this street than anywhere else in the entire country. If you are looking for a more cultured and quieter evening, the De Bergen is a beautiful area of the older part of the city.

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