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Here is a Den Bosch travel guide that will help you enjoy your stay in this Dutch city. Officially known as 's-Hertogenbosch, this is the capital city of the North-Brabant province. Literally meaning the Duke's Forest, Den Bosch is located to the south of Netherlands. The entire city is made up of 9 regions which include the North, Center, West, South, Hintham, Engelen, Maaspoort, Empel and Rosmalen.


Den Bosch has a long history starting with the Duke of Brabant, Henry I, whose family possessed a large estate close to Orthen for about 4 centuries. He established a new town in the middle of a marsh on some forested dunes. In 1185 he settled city rights and corresponding trade privileges for Den Bosch and built a fortress around it to protect it from Holland and Gelre. A much larger wall was built in the 15th century to protect the city after it was expanded. Den Bosch flourished until 1520, after which it was hit by war for a few centuries. During this time, Den Bosch changed rulers, but was finally liberated from the Germans in World War II by the British.


This is one of the oldest cities in Netherlands that still retains a large part of its ancient architecture and heritage. The fortifications that protected the city can still be seen and form an important part of Den Bosch's history. Most of the city's attractions are in the central part, making it easy for tourists to visit them. The Gothic style Sint Jans Cathedral built in 1380 is an important landmark tourists must visit in Den Bosch. Tourists should also visit the Town Hall that reflects Dutch classicism. The Moriaan, Netherlands' oldest brick building, is also a worthy attraction. Besides these, the Citadel, Kruithuis, Bastion Vught and Zuid Willemsvaart are some of the other popular tourist places in the city.

Travel and Accommodation

The city center holds most of the attractions and walking to these is possible, so tourists don't really need to travel all that much. Rhere is a bus network operated by Arriva for those who want to travel to the suburbs. Tourists can also use taxis for getting from one place to another. These are not found easily on streets and usually have to be called for.

Den Bosch is not a very popular tourist destination, so there are relatively fewer hotels here compared to other parts of the country. Tourists can still find decent accommodation in the city for affordable rates. Some of the hotels you can opt for include Golden Tulip Hotel Central, van der Valk Hotel Vught and Movenpick Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch.


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