Delfzijl Travel Guide

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Delfzijl is a quiet, small city in the utmost Northeast of the Netherlands. On the dyke you can enjoy a fresh seabreeze and see all the way to Germany on the other side of the Eems estuary.

Altough the city centre is quite small and not really beautifull, a visit to the harbour rigth outside the centre is nice. And the small village of Farmsum, which is attached to Delfzijl has a lovely view over the water also.

Delfzijl has a small neighbourhood which is built in the architecture of the Amsterdamse School Stijl. This is a nice neigbourhood, especially the main entrance to this area, next to the Singel, where the IVAK is situated.

Delfzijl is well connected to the other places in the region, since it is the main city. In the region other places of interest are small villages like Termunten, Termunterzijl, Eemshaven and happy-jerry member page. A very nice place to visit is Appingedam, a small medieval town, with a historic centre which contains canals and a very nice church.

The singer/songwriter of Gronings, the regional dialect, Ede Staal, lived in Delfzijl.

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