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Old Tower

Old Tower

Filip Stachowiak

This Breda travel guide covers museums, castles and festivals of the charming city, which also contains many remarkable old buildings of historical significance. Among the streets there is an abundance of shops to be explored, where anything from souvenirs to clothes can be bought. It is easy to bike or walk around the city to get from place to place. Breda can be reached by train, as there are two railway stations located in the city. The railway stations are called Breda and Breda-Prinsenbeek.


Grote Kerk is a spectacular Gothic structure which was built in the 15th century. There are no English signs, but guided tours are available for low prices. At the church you can see a variety of paintings as well as sculptures and an organ. The white tower is 98 meters high and is visible from other parts of the city.

After visiting Grote Kerk you can explore the nearby market. From the Grote Kerk, it is not far to the Begijnhof, which offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The surrounding area is a park which is open to the public. At the back of the Beguinhof is a beautiful church which was founded in 1836, and there is also a small museum on the property.

The Castle of Breda housed the Dutch royal family and has since then been inhabited by the Royal Military Academy. It is not open to the public, but from the park outside you can have a good view of the castle. Another attraction is the Spanjaardsgat, which is a small fortress located near the town's center. This is an important historical site. Museums include the General Maczek Museum, NAC Museum and Breda's Museum.


While visiting Breda you can enjoy events such as the annual jazz festival. During the jazz festival bands gather from all over the world to play jazz music. There are some famous musicians that play in the city, and many of the events are free. The Air Balloon Fiesta is held in Bredak, as well as Harley Davidson Day. Red Head Day, a festival that involves art and the color red, takes place at the the beginning of September.


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