Beaches in Netherlands

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Although most would not associate The Netherlands with ocean breezes and sandy beaches, the country has some of the most beautiful beaches and seascapes in the world. The Netherlands are partially below sea level, making the beaches some of the best vacation hideaways in the country.


For a quiet, peaceful beach getaway where you can walk for miles and listen to the sounds of small waves lapping against the shore, the Zeeland region of The Netherlands cannot be beat. Zeeland has more than 650 kilometers of beach that are open for the public to use. This region has the well earned reputation of having the cleanest beaches in the country, and the added advantage of having the most sunlight. The large section of coast makes for several different types of beaches. Some are more suited for those that enjoy water sports, some are designed for families while others are untouched, perfect for those that simply desire some peace and quiet. Whatever you desire, the Zeeland region of The Netherlands and its beaches are one of the true delights of the country.

Nudist Beaches

The Netherlands is a country of many contrasts. The seemingly lawless city of Amsterdam (one of the safest in Europe) has on its periphery some of the most conservative villages where shops literally close at 5pm and Sunday is designed for church and the family. It may seem slightly surprising that in almost every province of The Netherlands there are well designated and cared for nudist beaches. Although conservative Dutch values still rule a large portion of the nation, their attitude to nudity doesn't seem to filter in somehow. If a nudist beach is what you want then The Netherlands is an excellent choice. There are beautifully preserved, maintained and in abundance. Visitors may wish to check if full nudity is allowed, as some are simply topless.


Zandvoort was once one of the most popular beaches in the Netherlands. People of all ages were attracted to its calm waters and sand. However, with the popularity of other areas rising, its crowds have tapered off. This has actually helped the area attract the family crowds. Zandvoort is the perfect place for families that desire a Dutch day at the beach. It's quiet, except for the other families and children that will be present. The area also has several nice hotels and camping sites, so making a small holiday is a definite possibility.

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