Beaches in Amersfoort

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The Amersfoort beaches are more concentrated on the different lakes and rivers that surround this town. Amersfoort is a municipality in the province of Utrecht in Netherlands. This quaint town boasts of a well protected and preserved medieval center surrounded by a river and several canals.

River Eem

River Eem begins in Amersfoort and features a port where inland water transport is available. It connects to Eemmeer or the Lake Eem. The river enters Amersfoort at Monnikendam Gate and exits at Koppel Gate. Formerly the Amer River, this body of water is approximately 18 kilometers long. River Eem comes from different bodies of water including Vallei Canal and a few Veluwe Creeks.

Eemmeer (Lake Eem)

Eemmeer is a lake near Amersfoort where the waters of River Eem connect to. It is situated between Flevoland and Ultrecht. It is 13.4 square kilometers and features a small island called Dode Hond or Dead Dog. This lake is one of the peripheral lakes of Flevoland polder. The small island Dode Hond is actually an artificial island in the lake.

Rhine River

Bordering the Ultrecht province where Amersfoort is located in the south is the Rhine River. River Rhine is one the most important rivers in Europe and is also one of the longest. This river is approximately 1,232 kilometers and is also one of the most important waterways in Netherlands. Cruising along the Rhine River, you will see evidence of the former settlers who traveled along this river. There are castles and old forts along the river.

Kromme Rijn

Another main river in the province of Ultrecht is the Kromme Rijn. During the Roman times, the Kromme Rijn was home to several Roman castellas which were part of the Limes Germanicus. Limes Germanicus is a line of frontier fortifications that divided the Romans from the tribes of Germany. This river twists and turns throughout the province of Ultrecht, passing several towns including Odijk, Werkhoven, Bunnik and Cothen.

Ruhr River

Near Amersfoort is the Soest District where you will find the Ruhr River. The river is one of the main rivers in the district, together with Lippe and Mohne, which were dammed to build the Mohne Reservoir. The Ruhr River is a medium-sized river and is a right tributary of the Rhine River. It is approximately 218 kilometers long. It also features 5 reservoirs, which are a main destination for leisure activities in the area.

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