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Almelo is known for its history in textiles. These days, it is a sleepy small city in the eastern part of the Netherlands with a few interesting sights to offer. Often tourists find themsleves there because they lost their passport on their way to Germany, but worth a brief look around while visiting the passport office.

In the main shopping street, you can see the 'Old Waag' (which has been turned into a restaurant) and just off the track is the deer and ducks parks. Continuing your way, you can walk the long lanes accompanied by high trees that lead up to 'Huize Almelo' (not accessible to the public) where the count used to live. Actually, this is quite a nice area to walk around even though there is a motorway that separates the mansion from the 'Gravenallee', the former property of the count existing of outstretching fields, trees and watchman's huts where one used to pay toll in the good old days.

Almelo is trying to compete with its bigger brother and sister when it comes down to shopping and entertainment. The main shopping street and the area around the market place have had a facelift and you'll find some pubs nearby the 'Grote Kerk' (yes, nearby the church) and at the beginning of the 'Grote Straat'.

The surroundings lend themselves perfectly for bicycle tours. There are several well-known routes such as the 'Molen-venroute' (going past mills, creeks and meadows) and you can even follow the Almelo-Nordhorn canal all the way to...right.

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