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Netherlands hotels vary widely in what they offer and what they cost. Although the Netherlands is not exactly a budget traveler's dream, there are still some cheap places to sleep that are clean and safe. Those in the moderate price bracket will have far more choice at their fingertips with guest houses, bed and breakfasts and pensions available to them. For those travelers that desire luxury accommodations, The Netherlands can definitely provide it. Nearly all of the major hotel chains operate out of The Netherlands.

Budget Accommodation

One of the most obvious budget options are the YHA International Youth Hostels. Membership is required, but only takes minutes. YHA operates more than 30 hostels throughout the country, offering a safe and clean place to sleep. There are also several independent hostels across The Netherlands, all with varying levels of service. Try to look beyond the price when booking a place in one of these. Some are fantastic, while others are terrible. Extra care and caution should be taken toward security when using independent hostels in the larger cities, especially Amsterdam. Despite this, hostels can provide a place to stay for less than 20 Euros per night. Cash is generally the only method of payment accepted.

Mid-range Accommodation

Those that can afford the mid range price hotels, guest houses and pensions are going to have a much greater range of choice. Mid-range hotels generally cost between 60 and 90 Euros per night, but offer much more in terms of security, comfort and cleanliness. Taking the Best Western in Amsterdam as an example, customers can expect a location central to the city, a multilingual staff, laundry, Internet access and 24 hour front desk. Rooms start at approximately 65 Euros per night, but do fluctuate depending on availability and time of year. The Best Western Hotel in Amsterdam is just one example of the many mid-range hotels that are available throughout The Netherlands.

Luxury Accommodation

No one can accuse the Dutch of skimping on luxury. The Netherlands offers a wide range of luxury accommodations for travelers at this level. Rooms can start anywhere from 200 Euros and up per night. Taking the Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin as an example, guests have their pick of enormous amenities including spa treatments, fitness centers, gourmet restaurants, tennis courts and a multilingual, pet friendly staff. Rooms start at 300 Euros per night, but the extra cost is soon outweighed by what you receive.

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