Wax museum of the princes of monaco

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This Museum was Evil. I walked into the place and broswed the plexiglass displays of the old guys called"Princes" more like Princessess. Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around, Prince Ranier was staring me in the eye. His body pasition was ready and catlike. I turned around again and the whole Gimaldi family was staring me in the eye. I paniced i didn't know what to do. They took vases and little shreds of plaxiglass ready to strike.  So i took up in my hands vases and little shreds of plexiglass. It was battle time. Prince Rainer jumped up in the air about to stab at his target. I clinched my teeth and prayed to god. But his swing went right past me. And it the Tranchala by my feet. They weren't trying to kill me, but merely trying to extinguish the evil spider in their house.

I recomend this place highly

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