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Chisinau is the capital city of the Republic of Moldova.  It is sometimes called the White City, as many of the older building are of white limestone.  The quarry is now the site of Milestii Mici wine cellars, the largest wine cellar in the world. 

It is definitely worth visiting due to its historical monuments, green amazing landscapes in spring and summer time and, of course, for its incredibly kind, generous and hospitable people. 


This Chisinau travel guide will take you through all the exciting attractions and adventures that the area has to offer. Chisinau, located on the Bic River, is the capital of Moldova. It remains economically and socially prosperous and is growing more popular each year.


The city has a number of luxury and budget hotels to offer its visitors. Some of the best hotels of the city are Leogrand Hotel, and Convention Centre and Hotel National. Both the hotels are situated fairly in the center of the city. You will find friendly staff welcoming you in a cultural manner. All hotels and resorts in the city offer restaurants, high quality rooms (depending on the kind of hotel you choose to stay in). You can offer all find hotels between $25 to $150. Most of the hotels will offer package stays during peak season.

Places to Visit

The city of Chisinau is quiet well known for its culture and win. Milestii Mici holds the largest collection of wine in the world. The collection is made up of 1.5 million bottles of wine and is registered with Guinness World Records. The wine cellar itself is also the largest in the world with the capacity to hold 2 million bottles of wine. On a visit to the city, do not miss Operas; musical performances and ballets can be enjoyed at the National Opera and Ballet Theater. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the building. Some events are seasonal, so check for particular events before you plan your trip.


Chisinau nightlife attracts a number of visitors. Some of the well known clubs are Military Club and Deja Vu Bar. Those who love to dance, would love to visit the former place. Events are always taking place, so it’s best to check out the clubs' schedules before visiting. You can also find a number of bars where the ambiance is upbeat and vibrant, with a multitude of regular customers. Some of bars have bartenders who juggle bottles and set drinks on fire for the customers’ entertainment.

Visiting Chisinau is a wonderful opportunity to discover a place that is rich in history and culture. No matter what you decide to do on your journey, take the time to enjoy Chisinau for all its grandeur.


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