Top 5 Must Do's in Luxembourg city

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Luxembourg City comes across as a striking amalgamation of elegant orthodox charm and a new-age character and is constantly sprucing up its multi-faceted identity. The Luxembourg City Must Do's gives visitors extensive information on the attractions and activities of this charming eastern European city.

1. Notre-Dame Cathedral

Experience the most magnificent and adroit architectural wonder of the city- The Notre Dame Cathedral that has witnessed the miracle of the appearance of Maria Consolatrix Afflicatorum’s image in the late 18 th century and was originally established as a Jesuit church. The Gothic style structure is currently the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the city and enjoys a distinguished position in the city’s celebrated landmarks.

2. The Grand Ducal Palace

This emblematic and sprawling Luxembourg City structure, situated in its southern quarter, is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The Grand Ducal Palace is the focal location from where the Duke dispenses his official duties. The formal architectural attribute and fine detailing of the edifice are worth witnessing.  

3. The Wenzel Walk

Take the enchanting Wenzel Walk, that turns back in time to over a thousand years and gives visitors a graphic account of the historical grandeur of Luxembourg City. Wander through the oldest regions of the town to soak in its rich culture while catching spectacular sights of the Castle Bridge, Bock Promontory and Church of St. Ulric. Watch the audio-visual screenings elucidating Luxembourg’s glorious past at Jacob Tower and the archeological section at Bock Promontory.

4. The Grand Vianden Castle

Peering over the Our River is a splendid  account of Luxembourg’s architectural craftsmanship- The  11 th century Vianden Castle that offers visitors a stunning motley of antique weaponry, embellished furniture and ingeniously created amour. Visitors can proceed toward the old Vianden Town and catch glimpses of ancient gothic style churches, charming old streets and strategically built war towers.

5. Go Swan Spotting

The breathtakingly beautiful Swan Lake provides the perfect backdrop to watch some of the most well-executed musical concerts and theatrical performances. The remains of the Beaufort Castle in Echternach is situated on the banks of an attractive lake that is adorned by pristine white swans.

Luxembourg City is a fascinating montage of art, history, architecture and a vivid culture that has resolutely withstood the backlash  of a rising modern persona.

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