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The City of Luxembourg is served by an efficient network of buses run by the 'Autobus municipaux de la Ville de Luxembourg'. The main centre of the capital city is very compact and eminently walkable, in spite of the cliffs and ramparts characteristic of the old fortress city. There is no underground or tramway service, but there are very interesting plans to improve on the existing link from the airport to the railway station via a direct connection. The recent introduction of Night Buses has seen a remarkable decrease in the amount of late-night traffic and noise. For further details on these and other City Bus services, see or telephone: (+352) 4796 2975.


Unless you can show a pass, a ride on a City bus will set you back a flat fare of 40 Luxembourg Francs (some 90 UK pence). This "short distance" ticket is valid for one hour (or ±10 km) from purchase on the whole of Luxembourg's public transport network, and also allows transits between city and country buses and trains.

A so-called "Oeko-Pass" (as in economical or even ecological network ticket) is available at railway stations throughout the country, and at the airport. It covers unlimited travel on all forms of public transport (city buses, trains and country coaches) for one day (which is considered to last until 8 am the next morning) throughout the country. It is not valid on sightseeing buses. You can purchase a single ticket for 160 Francs (Luxembourg = Belgian Franc) [roughly £2.50].

It is also well worth investigating the LuxembourgCard which also includes free transport, and in addition gives you free entry to 34 attractions thoughout the country for about five pounds a day for a single user, or ten pounds a day for a family of five. TRAIN The Luxembourg Railways runs according to the new "Horaire Cadencé" schedule (which builds on last year's "Takt 98"), meaning that there is at least 1 train every hour to every station at the same time of every hour between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Details of the new timetable can be found at:, where a clickable map gives you timings for all trains to all stations on the Luxembourg Railway Network.

The Information service of CFL, the Luxembourg National Railways (also giving Country Bus information), can be contacted direct by Tel: (+ 352) 4990-4990 or (+ 352) 4990-5572 [every day GMT: 5 a.m. to 19 p.m.] and by Fax: (+ 352) 49 35 32. Tickets:

The price for network tickets is 160 LUF valid for one day. The 5 day-tickets-leaflet costs 640 LUF. For small trips you can buy short distance tickets at 40 LUF each valid for one hour and for a distance of ±10 km.

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