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The country is small, distances are short. Thus Luxembourg-City is an ideal starting point for excursions all over. In no time you may get to remarkable destinations like the castle of Vianden, the ”Festival Town” of Wiltz or the ”Abbey Town” of Echternach on a well-developed road network or else by train or coach. The landscape is just unbelievably varied: the wooded crests of the Ardennes alternate with the softly undulated vine-slopes of the Moselle or the rock formations of the Müllerthal and the reddish iron-ore canyons of the south.

In their traditionally open-minded and cosmopolitan attitude, the natives have always carefully nursed contacts with the neighbours, Germany, France and Belgium. Why not take advantage of your stay in Luxembourg and set out for an introductory tour beyond the frontiers? You will be impressed by Trier with its old Roman buildings, by Metz and its proud cathedral or by Bastogne with its Museum of the Battle of the Bulge. After all, there are not many places where you could easily see 4 countries in 1 day (Try breakfast in Germany, lunch in France, dinner in Belgium, and you could still be home in time for the nightcap!).

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Shopping trip

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Another great thing about Luxembourg is its very low excise rates and therefore it is THE country within the EU to buy your tobacco, wine and spirits. Prices for (for example) Marlboro light are as low as £1,90 a pack!

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