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he'd like to share some information with me. Of csuore I said OK and we even talked about God a bit. He was a born again non-denominational evangelical and self-proclaimed ^^^bible-thumping expert. He gave me some pamphlets about Mormonism (almost never a good sign) and sure enough I read that Mormons are liars and are all going to go to Hell. When have I heard this all before? Oh, yeah, pretty frequently from the Bible thumpers who learned of my Mormonism. During or subsequent, um, conversations, it was interesting to witness him shift from one argument to another. This was because I made simple corrections to his assertions about Mormons and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I knew how to respond since by then I had already heard all of his arguments a thousand times before. I ebven pointed out to him that there is no LDS church program that studies other religions and then sets out to correct them. None I told him. I also pointed out that if his literature switched the name Mormon to Jew, it would be considered highly anti-semitic. So here's the crux of our little exchange of theological words. I stated that he believed that all those who accept Jesus are saved. He confirmed that such was his belief. I then said that he should therefore have no reason to worry about Mormopns for we have accepted Jesus. He then tried to argue that our Jesus was the wrong Jesus. I simply testified to him that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. He is the only name under heaven in which man can be saved. He is Alpha and Omega and the great I AM. This is the Jesus Mormons accept and no other. I tell you, bob, the Spirit was very strong and wholeheartedly felt by he and I. He knew at that moment by the Spirit that everything I I told him was 100% true. I then mentioned that I find him my brother and this was another moment that I meant *in Christ*. Despite all he had just experienced, he lowered his head and forced out a convicted declaration, I cannot consider you my brother . That stung a bit and it still does recalling it. By in the end it is I who pitties him. I truly and deeply do. Just as back then I still think of him from time to time and hope and pray the best for him. I desire nothing but peace, happiness, protection, and that he continues his coming closer to Christ. I've no idea if anything I said or did has had any outward affect on him but I know I did right. Now, bob, while I will, at least right now, make any assertion about you and what's in your heart, I do have to say that according to the sum of your posts regarding Christianity that you do not understand even the very fundamentals of it. You frequently post articles and say things about Christians and Christianity which simply do not add up. Much of what you post is more in line with the Mormon literature that janitor gave ot me to learn the truth . If you desire to learn about Christianity, please do so. Read the Bible and I extend that invitiation to read the Book of Mormon. In fact, as for the latter read, you will not find anything so plainly written regarding Jesus Christ for like the Bible, it testifies of Him and the necessity of coming unto Him. ^^^By bible-thumping I mean those who toss out biblical verses quite frequently and typically do so to topple others in a debate-styled manner. This I think is quite ineffective to accomplish anything good. In fact it by and large results if bitterness.

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