Budget Travel Ideas in Luxembourg city

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If you are planning a visit to Luxembourg City, you can make use of a few Luxembourg City budget travel tips. It is possible to travel on a budget to Luxembourg City in spite of the fact that this historic city has become one of the economically wealthiest in Europe. Following a few tips will make it easy to save money.

Budget Airlines

There are several low cost airlines that operate daily flights in and out of Luxembourg City. You can get into the city from most major international and national airports. Check with several airline offices for the best prices before buying a ticket. Most airlines offer attractive discounts.

When to Go

Visit in the off-season. Prices are inflated and very expensive during the most popular tourist months between late spring and early summer. You will find that there are more special offers, discounts and overall lower prices in April or in Autumn.   

Food and Drink

There are a number of Copal Supermarkets (vast shopping complexes), where food, wine and beer can be purchased inexpensively for those who are able to self-cater. There are also street stalls where a little Euro change can go a long way. Typical fare includes sausages on a bun and the Gromperekicheler, a type of potato pancake flavored with fresh herbs and deep-fried. Luxembourg has the cheapest alcohol in all of Europe, including fine beer from Belgium and Germany as well as wines from France, which can be purchased in supermarkets.


The best way to save money on accommodations in Luxembourg is to find a place which is run by a family. Small family operations like Beds and Breakfasts or renting out a spare room in a family home can help to save some money, especially when compared with the price of hotels. There are also a few good hostels that offer good value for money.


Buying a Luxembourg Card can be helpful when you are trying to save money. Available from Easter until December 31, these cards are your access to free rides in local buses and trains and discounts when booking long-distance travel. You may also receive free entry to predetermined attractions as well as price reductions on some meals, tours and souvenirs. This card can be purchased online or at the main tourism office where you will find free maps, discounted entry tickets and other vouchers.


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