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Luxembourg City Bars and Cafes keep visitors, as well as locals, happy and entertained each night of the week. Luxembourg City is not only richly steeped in history and art, but the local flare for cuisine and happy hour tend to keep smiles on the faces' of visitors and locals alike.

Cafe des Artistes is located on the Montee du Grund, and has become a Luxembourg staple. This small cafe was founded in 1968, and some of the decor reveals the date, as well as the smoke stained walls and ceiling. Dated posters of entertainers now past litter the walls of this lively and entertaining spot. On most nights it isn't unusual to walk into the Cafe des Artistes and see the room packed around the old piano belting out folk songs, and anthems. Cafe des Artistes is a great place to enjoy a cocktail and request an old favorite tune.

Art-Cafe is located next to the Capucin's Theatre on the Rue Beaumont, and also features occasional small theatre performances from time to time. Actors, thespians, and theatre goers mix at Art-Cafe to enjoy a pre-theatre cocktail or post performance celebration. The atmosphere at Art-Cafe is very mellow and laid back as evident from the sofa's, armchairs, and low lighting. Art-Cafe is also a good spot for coffee and light snacks.

Melusina is one of Luxembourg's most popular bars for dancing. Located on the Rue de la Tour Jacob, Melusina is usually found by the sound of the pumping house music. Melusina is also a restaurant opened for lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday's, but quickly thereafter becomes the bustling nightclub that has reigned supreme in Luxembourg since 1984. Featuring guest DJ's and playing some of the most cutting edge music, it is no wonder visitors and locals keep the bar packed till the wee hours of the night.

The Pulp Club is a restaurant/bar in the Old Town area on the bd d'Avranches. Humphrey's is the name of the restaurant within the Pulp Club and serves sushi, vegetarian dishes and intercontinental cuisine. The Pulp Club bar is also a popular nightspot where visitors find themselves dancing the night away to disco, house, techno, salsa, hip hop, and other genres of music, depending on the crowd and the night. The Pulp Club also often features guest DJ's.

Cafe Chiggeri is Luxembourg's only wine bar, and offers it's guests more than 2000 different wines from all over the world. Located on the Rue du Nord, Cafe Chiggeri is a quiet spot offering light fare such as delicious salads, vegetarian options, and more.  Cafe Chiggeri is also fully equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi Internet.

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