7 Day Itinerary in Luxembourg city

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Luxembourg is rather small compared to its neighbors but there is so much to see and do here that you will never be bored no matter how many times you visit. For those that enjoy planning ahead here is a simple Luxembourg City itinerary to follow.

Day 1: Taking it Easy

If you are arriving by plane you will land at Luxembourg-Findel International Airport.  Trains run from each of the surrounding countries as do buses (although buses are somewhat sketchy). On a quick side note if you are entering from Germany you could, with difficulty, take a boat from the German side on the Moselle to the Luxembourg side but what would be even more fun is to walk across the bridges connecting the 2 countries.

After arriving you may want to take it easy today. Find your hotel and perhaps eat at Café Stifcchen or Warhols. After relaxing with a good meal just take a walk around the city and view some of the sites. Prepare yourself for the next few days somewhat busy itinerary.

Day 2: Go to the Rocks

One of the must see’s is the Casemates De Bock. This place is often called “Luxembourg’s signature attraction” and it is best to visit it in the morning to early afternoon as it can get quite chilly as the sun goes does. One could make a whole day out of this. The views are amazing so don’t forget your camera.

Day 3: Dinner and a Train Ride

Visit some of the interesting shopping areas and then after an early dinner try the  Petrusse train ride. It is very entertaining and although the tour guides may be a bit eccentric, you will learn a lot about the country.

Day 4: Museum Time

This can be your day for cultural history with a visit to a couple of the great museums. In the morning visit the National Museum of Art and History which is located in the fish market area. Also, no trip is complete until you visit Notre Dame.

Day 5: Visit the Tunnels

Put your walking shoes back on and visit the Petrusse Casemates. Take your time here as you may get lost in the myriad tunnels. This will give one a great perspective on the reason Luxembourg was such a good fortress city.

Day 6: Culture and Music

If you are into music and culture then I recommend a laid back day with a fancy dinner and an evening at the symphony.

Day 7: See the City

Can you believe you have already completed a 7-day itinerary here and you have just touched the tip of the iceberg on things to do. Taking some more strolls around the city and perhaps going back and visiting 1 of the museums, is a relaxing way to conclude your vacation in Luxembourg City before heading to the airport for your return trip home.

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