Day Trips in Venice

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If you would like to take some time out during your Venice vacation to explore the surrounding areas, there are many day trips to choose from. You can take a quick trip to an island to explore the beaches or unique shops or you can take a wine tour to a nearby region. It's up to you! Continue reading through the listings to find out more.

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Located around a two-hour ride by boat from Venice is the City of Chioggia. Chioggia is considered the second most important city in the Venetian lagoon. Venice is, of course, the first. Chioggia features several notable canals, some worthy structures (although many are crumbling), and a more relaxed environment than Venice. An added benefit -- the boat on the way to Chioggia stops at Alberoni and Pellestrina. Both areas are popular for their beaches. To get to Chioggia, take a bus from the Lido ( From central Venice, take the #1 vaporetto to the Lido. more..

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Lido Island

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This 11-mile long sandbar has two large public beaches as well as hotels, shops, and restaurants. The beaches and this area of the Adriatic Sea are clean and the water is warm. Swimming is safe enough for small children. Other areas of the island comprise private beaches, three settlements, and roughly 20,000 lucky residents. Lido is also home to the Venice Film Festival ( which takes place during the first week of September and it is also home to the only golf course in Venice - The Venice Golf Club ( more..

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address:Lido Tourist Office: Gran Viale 6


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This northeastern Italian region belongs on every visitors day trip list. The weekend is the best time to visit when crowds in Venice are thick and attractions are a lot tougher to enjoy due to the heavy tourist traffic. Veneto highlights inlcude: the villas of Andrea Palladio, the Dolomite Mountains, the wines of Veneto & Friuli, and the hill towns and villages of Veneto. Veneto is home to Italy's most famous wines including Prosecco, Amarone, and Soave -- to name a few.

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