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I have know this rental bike services company with google. I have search "rental bike venice". Before the fly to Venice I have send my e-mail request to this friendly shop service company. I have received free estimate costs (economically) for rent 2 bikes and I have confirm the rent with an e-mail. (the price it's variable if you take the bikes for several days). I have paid the services at the moment of start rental services, at delivery of bikes. This company delivered the bikes at the start point of itinerary and can deliver at your hotel/b&b. I have request the best itinerary. The rental bike shop have advise me the best itineraries for know the Venice, Padova and Treviso regions with bicycle. In 3 days I have know Venice, Padova and Treviso regions. In the first day I have know Villa Pisani (with fresco Palladio) at Stra. I returned from Stra to Dolo, was the Friday and I have know the big open air market and old watermill, and I have eaten the italian food on little restaurant at riviera of Brenta river. I have drink fresh milk at riviera bosco piccolo and close my day calling the company that at end of my itinerary at 22 pm that have withdrew the bikes. In the second day the rental bike shop delivered the bikes at bus station of Padua, I have know Padova with old churchs, Sant'Antonio church. In the third day the company delivered the bike at bus station of Treviso. And I have know this last small town and his villas. In the last day I was tired and the company have withdrew the bike before the time at the point that I have indicate. I believe that this it's the best complete services for rent the bikes on Venice, Padova and Treviso regions.

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Rental bike Services

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daily cost from 8am to 8pm = 12 euro additional price for delivery bike after closing time (until 11pm) = 5,00 euro additional price for delivery (start and return) at your hotel / b&b or itinerary (no venice Laguna) from 5,00 euro

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