La Locanda Di Orsaria

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The building dates back to 16th century and was the residence of a Captain of the Serenissima. Just a step from the Railway station, the hotel is located in a secluded and silent calle, communicating with Lista di Spagna, the main street towards Saint Mark, crowded with people and stores of every kind. A renowned taverna since 1850, the hotel takes the name from the last locandiera who managed it from 1930 to 1980. Today the secular tradition of hospitality is continued by Dello Strologo family: Pietro?s mission is to make you feel at home and to make your holiday unforgettable. Pietro and the staff don?t guarantee you "only" a warm acceptance and impeccable service, but are at your disposal with all advices and suggestions in order you enjoy at the best all that this incredible city can offer. Locanda: this word, deriving from the Latin verb "locare" which means "to rent", indicates a place where rooms can be rent. In Italian this term identifies a cozy hotel with an informal atmosphere.
type:Middle Class
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address:Cannaregio 103, 30121
CostOfDoubleForANight: 80-240

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