7 Day Itinerary in Venice

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Venice is best described by an aggregation of romantic adjectives that though clichéd do complete justice to the impeccable countenance and postcard beauty of the Italian stunner. The Venice 7 day itinerary gives visitors a helpful week-long plan to enjoy the attractions of this mesmerizing and quintessentially European destination.

Day 1-The Grand Canal

Take a vaporetta (traditional boat) and experience the grandeur and often documented beauty of Venice. Watch masterpieces of Renaissance architecture along with vintage administrative buildings and homes and markets. The striking gondolas that pass through the canal waterways also provide a romantic backdrop to the sightseeing session. There is the Ca da Mosto, a structure with gorgeous round arches and Ca d’Ora, a Gothic edifice that radiates classic beauty and timeless elegance with its heavy Byzantine influences. There are several attractive Palazzos on the canal sightseeing trip including the celebrated Palazzo Corner and Grimani dj San Luca.

Day 2-St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is the epicenter of tourist activity in Venice and is a landmark location for housing the foremost church and citadel in the city. The Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo’s foundations were laid on this buzzing Venice hotspot. The basilica features an awe-inspiring Byzantine relief molded in gold and embellished with expensive stones. The square has several street-side cafes and the Archeological Museum.

Day 3- Academia   

Visit Academia (located at Dorsoduro 1055), a vast storehouse of one of the finest and rarest collection of art in Europe. The gallery traces exquisite art pieces from the 14th century going up to the era of modern art and displays works of maestros like Giovnni Bellini, Paolo Veronese, Lorenzo Lotto, Tintoretto and many more.

Day 4- The Bell Tower

Visit the Bell Tower, an imposing 97 meter architectural marvel erected in the mid 9th century that provides a breathtakingly beautiful vista of the St. Mark Square and the surrounding churches and homes. Move to the Clock Tower, another magnificent structure (located in San Marco) dominating the skyline of Venice. The structure was constructed in 15th century and sports intricate bronze figures.

Day 5-Rialto

Visit Rialto, a destination that plays to a largely tourist population. The foremost bridge on the Grand Canal was built at this commercial hub and has been reinstated by a fine-looking arch design of the  Antonio da Ponte. The place played host to a lively fruit and vegetable market in the 11th century that though not in existence today, has left its spirited and bustling appeal intact.

Day 6-Basilica Dei Frari

Visit the grand Gothic wonder that was erected in the late 14th century and is popular today as the burial location of the Venetian artist Antonio Canava. The church displays marvelous pieces of art created by a gamut of artistic legends.

Day 7- Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection to witness one of the most brilliant depictions of modern art amassed by a rich heiress. The contemporary art ghetto illustrates and traces art movements from Abstraction and Cubism to Surrealism and European.

Venice is a picturesque montage of classic art, immortal beauty, Victorian sophistication and a seamless architectural heritage that draws hordes of tourists to the city that basks in the glow of timeless love and romance.

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