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Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Sean Murtagh

There is a beautiful square and church and not far from there are the ancient roman remains of the original named (Opitergium) "the village of the market" now Oderzo. Located between Venice and the Dolomite mountains in flat countryside and situated on the Monticano river, Oderzo is known as the "Archeological City" There is a population of about 32,000 located within a 7 kilometre radius of the centre. First century thermal baths can be seen in Via Savonarola and a river dockyard was excavated in Via delle Grazie; An open air Opera is staged each year in the Piazza Grande. Around the square are cafĂ© bars and beautiful ice cream bars. Every Wednesday there is a large market usually ended by noon. Almost any bargain is to be had there. There are no cars allowed into the square. Lots off people use bicycles as a means of transport. Some of the narrow streets are cobbled and some footpaths are paved in ceramic tiles.Amedeo Obici the founder of Planters peanuts and the man who you could say invented peanuts was born here in 1876. He immigrated to America where with fellow immigrant Tario Peruzzi they founded the company that was to make them famous. The famous french comic book artist Albert Uderzo was named after this place, his parents having emigrated from Italy.    

AHALTEO, the name of an Italian family belonging to Oderzo, Treviso, several members of which were distinguished in literature. The best known are three brothers, Geronimo (1507-1574), Giambattista (1525-1573) and Cornelk) (1530-1603) There are lots of beautiful Villa's located in this area.  All the buildings are beautifully maintained and in keeping with the older style architecture. The airport of Treviso is only 20 minutes distance with Marco polo Venice about 40. Venice itself is only a short train journey. The sea is also only 20 minutes distance. There are mountains only 20 minutes away and you can ski there also. The prim hotel is to be recommended being just 5 minutes walk from the centre. The restaurants are excellent and too many to mention. It is worth mentioning the ice cream, out off this world.

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