Shopping in Mestre

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Mestre is a part of Venice but is actually on the mainland of Italy and offers great Mestre shopping options. This is a popular tourist spot because many find it less expensive to stay in Mestre than to stay in Venice. The town is nothing like Venice and it has a completely different history and character.

Open Hours

Most retail stores will be open from 9:30 to 12:30 and then from 3:30 to 7:30. However many stores will stay open all day long though many will not be open during lunch or on Monday mornings. Most bakeries, grocery stores and pharmacies will open at 8:30 but close early at lunch. Additionally food stores will not be open on Sundays or Wednesday afternoons.

Affordable Shopping

Venice is known for its exotic and expensive shopping but Mestre has many affordable shopping options. You can find chain stores and regular supermarkets. You can find many chain stores at the Centro Le Barche. This contains a coin department store, H&M clothes store, supermarket and bookshop. Centro Le Barche also has free toilets which is virtually unheard of in Venice. The Feltrinelli Mestre is found at the Barche and contains a huge selection of English books. You can reach the Barche taking the #4 bus. The bus stops directly in front of shopping center so you cannot miss it.

Great Boutique

A great fashion boutique is Scout which is just 5 minutes from the center of Mestre. Here you can find accessories, clothes and furniture. You can easily spend the entire day looking at shoes, clothing, bags, interior decoration items, gifts and much more. The store stocks items in all shapes and colors.

Piazza Ferretto

This piazza is found right behind the Barche Mall. Just follow the street to the large piazza which contains many restaurants and stores. You can find souvenirs, Venice glass, masks, clothing and much more. Even if you do not want to shop, you should still visit it as it is a great place for a meal or to just hang out.


Most stores and shopping centers will provide discounts if you hold a student identification card. It must be from your country of origin and you can get discounts on travel expenses, theaters and museums. You can also get a Rolling Venice card that is just for Venice and offers discounts on hostels, cafeterias, retail stores, restaurants and tours. A Venice card will provide you a discount on services in the city. If you are staying in Venice for a long time, then get a Carta Giovani.

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