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Mestre is the mainland suburb of Venice. There's nothing to see but factories, factories and factories. And an incredibly dodgy train station. It's basically a transition point for all transportation going to and coming out of Venice.


This Mestre travel guide will take you through all the wonderful attractions that Mestre and the surrounding area has to offer. Mestre is a large, majestic town located in Veneto in northern Italy. Seemingly untouched over the years, Mestre remains one of the more popular travel destinations.


Mestre was discovered by Mesthles, who was a companion and friend of Antenor. Mestre was originally a very small city with a small population, but grew demographically during the last 1960s and early 1970s.

Places to Visit

To learn more about the hisitory, the best place is Monastero Mekhitarist, located nearby is the historical Monastero Mekhitarista Museum. Here, you will learn about the island, Armenian history and the cultural significance of the museum. Tours are also available and highly recommended. Also, be sure to visit The Academy Gallery, Europe’s beloved treasure trove of art and culture. It houses the largest art collection from cherished master painters throughout Venice. It includes art dating from the 13th century through the 18th century. A visit to the city is incomplete without a visit to Parco San Giuliano, a park known for hosting events throughout the year. You can also enjoy Albanese Park, which has incredible view of the lagoon. You should definitely also visit Teatro Toniolo, a theater shared by the whole city for events such as concerts and shows.

Food and Entertainment

The city has a number of restaurants. You cannot miss eating the different types of pizzas Italy is famous for. Two of the well known restaurants and bars are Al Vapore and Little Bear Pub. Although there are not many nightclubs, you can still find a few where you can dance and enjoy some music. Local artists and bands also perform from time to time. Its best to check the schedule before visiting a nightclub or pub.

No matter where you go on your visit to Mestre, take some time to enjoy the natural beauty of the city. There are many wonderful places to visit, and those in this guide provide only a small taste of what Mestre has to offer.


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